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  • Guns that are presently available for sale are identified on the web site.  If you have questions about a transaction at any time, please email Charles van Riper III at ( ) or call us 1-520-258-8287 to find out if the item that you are interested in is still available.
  • We will hold Mail Order items for 8 business days awaiting payment. If we do not hear from you or payment is not received following the 8 business days, the item will be returned to stock.
  • Where possible, we will combine your purchases to reduce shipping costs.  There will, however, be a minimal shipping and handling fee for all items. 
  • All purchases made on a time-payment schedule require 25% down.  The buyer will need to have all payments made and the purchase finalized within four months, or the item will be re-listed for sale.  When an item is re-listed, all installment payments will be forfeited.


  • We NOW accept all major credit cards, (but not Pay Pal or Western Union money orders)  for the sale of guns.  Costs of the credit card companies are increasing, especially for the few that still approve the sale of firearms (e.g., PayPal will NO LONGER accept any payment of guns or payments for their working parts).  Last year, the most reasonable creditcard company that we could find, charged us 6.5% for all of our transactions.   What we charge is the actual cost to us from the credit card company, and do apologize for this added cost but we must comply with the Credit Card company's fee schedule.
  • We accept: --Cashier Checks or Money Orders from US banks. For all check, money order or cash orders there is a cash disount.   Buyers, especially those of the more expensive firearms, can save considerable money utilizing the Cashier Check or Money Order system of payment.
  • We do prefer Cashier's checks for all purchased items, but we will accept Personal Checks.  However, the item purchased will not ship until your personal check has cleared payment, usually 5-10 business days.
  • For all purchases not claimed within one year of the original transaction, all payments and ownership of that item reverts back to Homestead Firearms, and the item will be re-listed for sale.


International Sales

  • We will consider International purchases on an individual basis and only for those of our guns manufactured prior to 1898.
  • We must receive payment within 10 business days. If payment is not received within 10 business days following your email confirmation, the item will be returned immediately to our stock and placed up again for sale.
  • We accept: All major credit cards and International money orders.  There will be an additional $50 charge for all international credit card purchases.  Banks can wire U.S. funds to Homestead Firearms from a foreign country, but be sure to contact us first to find out what name to use on the wire (you can NOT use the business name--it has to be made payable to a person).


  • Wired Bank transfer. Contact us for Banking information.
  • International purchases will be shipped UPS or Federal Express only.
  • Invoices on all shipments reflect the actual purchase price, the cost of wrapping materials, and the actual shipment charges. All documentation will match: packing invoice, custom invoice, Shippers Export Declaration(SED) and shipping invoice. 


We ship all domestic items via the US Post Office (USPS) utilizing parcel post with delivery receipt.  Priority shipping and insurance can be added as a shipping option at an additional cost to you.  We can ship UPS or Federal Express, but that method must be requested by the customer.  All ammunition is shipped UPS. All firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licencee (FFL).  Exceptions are firearms made prior to 1898 that can be legally shipped directly to the buyer, and for those rifles 50 years and older that can be shipped to buyers with a valid Curios and Relict (CC&R) license. 

Handling, Packing and Shipping Prices given on guns are for the Continental US only.  People buying guns from Alaska, Hawaii or areas outside the continental US, should email Homestead Firearms for actual shipping charges.  We ship long guns by USPS Priority Mail and pistols also by Priority Mail, unless requested to ship by another method or Carrier (also see Policies Section).  The USPS does have a tracking number, but we use a delivery numbered form for all guns that we ship and do obtain a delivery confirmation slip for all items over $25.00.  Other shipment options can be selected and added from the drop-down menus on the shop cart electronic order-form.  Special handling is possible provided that the customer Emails us prior to the day of shipping.

We do apologize for the need to AGAIN slightly increase our handling, packing and shipping rates, as all shipping carriers have AGAIN greatly increased their fees.  As a rule, shipping and handling west of the Mississippi for small rifles is $45.00.  Shipping and handling for mid-weight rifles (e.g., 1873  or Model 70 Winchester) is $48.00.  For heavier rifles (e.g., old military rifles) the price is $55.  East of the Mississippi costs slightly more ao additional postage will be added.  Pistols are $25.00 to ship Priority and $30.00 to ship Express Mail.

Shipping and handling for parts and ammunition varies with weight and size.  Shipping cost is identified on each item, starting at $9.50 that mirrors the present cost to us for mailing a small flat-rate priority box.  We have tried to keep our shipping and handling fees at a minimum for all of our valued customers.


Return Policy

  • We provide each customer with a 3-day, non-firing inspection period, following receipt of the firearm.
  • We must receive the merchandise back, unfired and in the same condition as we shipped it in order to qualify for a refund.
  • We refund only for the purchase price of the merchandise. We are sorry, but no shipping or credit card charges can be refunded, as these are real costs to us that can not be recovered.
  • There will be a 10% restocking and handling fee assessed for each item of returned merchandise.  All items where a lower price is negotiated from the listed value, are considered "sold as is", and are not returnable. 
  • Cancelled orders are subject to the processing fee.  This is the fee charged to us by our credit card company, even if your credit card purchase is cancelled.
  • Transactions cancelled prior to shipment will still be charged the service fee (if your credit card has been run) and a restocking fee if appropriate time has elapsed for the item to be removed from the warehouse and packed for shipping.
  • Ownership of all items left at Homestead Firearms that are not claimed or fully paid for within 6 months, will be assessed a monthly rental storage fee of $25.  Any item where the storage fee has not been paid within 6 months from first assessment, ownership of the item reverts back to Homestead Firearms, LCC.


We are always open to trades, however, it is very difficult to accomplish trades on items that we have not actually seen in person. Our preference is to reserve trades for in-person transactions, due to the problem of evaluating something visually on the internet and sight unseen. If you elect to send an item to us for evaluation, we will evaluate that item in a timely manner and make you the best offer possible. Only if we are NOT able to reach an agreeable trade or sale amount, will you need to cover shipping costs both ways.

General Questions on YOUR items

We will gladly answer any questions that you have on items that you presently have, and wish to get appraised, sell or trade.  We look forward to your inquiries and very much appreciate your business. 


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