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October 2023

Good morning!  Just to let you know that I picked up the gun yesterday from my FFL dealer.  I am VERY pleased with this firearm and it’s condition!  Pleasure doing business with you!

Charles D. in VA


October 2022

.... I have the gun. It is terrific. It does have three little dings on top of the barrel.  Very minor. No worries. The gun after all is almost 75 years old. I am delighted with it.  And the box and papers have significant value for me. 
Thank you. 
Mike K in VA



...the 1890 winchester is a keeper - in better shape than expected - looks like it was not used very much - thank you for all the extra trouble -
reguards rg in CA


September 2021



        I got my receiver Friday and it is perfect!  I offer you a special thanks for recognizing my mistake and taking care of me, that's the kind of service you wont get anywhere today!
Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Robert in VA


12 April2021


I have had a chance to shoot the 1890 two times . Did a minor elevation adjustment and it is hitting right on for me and my wife . Great gun. Thanks.


Brett C. in TX


27 February 2021

Thank you. The pistol has been received and I’m pleased with the purchase.

Richard in ID


10 Februry 2021

No thank you ! Love it ! 

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.
Tim in AZ


25 November 2020

Revolver arrived today.  Initial inspection looks great.  Was surprised that it had such a light trigger and the lock up is really tight.

Thanks for the transaction.  Hope to buy an 1873 from you when funds permit :-)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Matt in MD



6 October 2020
Very happy with the receiver I really appreciate the ordering process and the professional way you handled this order. I will be ordering that 1873 Receiver very shortly. Thank you!

 Eric P.  in Mass.



12 April 2020

I do a fair amount of research online but for those things I really care about, I use books. Often, my online research is to find the right book many of which are no longer in print.

Thank you for producing books.

Have a Happy Easter and be safe.


Phil F.



 January 2020


Thank you so much Charles,
You have been a great help. I just got the parts today and they will work perfectly. I never would had accomplished this restoration without your help. Thank you so much for your knowledge and components. If you ever come up with a 1st/2nd model bolt let me know. In the meantime I'll keep an eye out on e-bay.
Mark  in NY


Ocotber 2019

Just received my manual today and it has answered every question I had. I inherited it from my father in law and needs a lot of work. I can’t thank you and Sandra enough for taking the time to create this manual. I just ordered stool from you after I received this. I live in Paducah Kentucky. I’m thrilled our paths have crossed even though there are thousands of miles between us.

Thanks again, Robert F. in KY


April 2019

Thanks for the great service.

Alan R. in TX


January 2019


Received 1873 rifle yesterday and looks good.Thanks for everything.
                                 Charles B. in OR

**** September 2018

Donald W H

6:43 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
I received the loading tube today -perfect
thanks for all your effort to get this order filled
Don H. in CA


29 July 2018

I received all the new parts on Saturday.  I was able to get the firing stop and the broken screw out with the method that you described.  Thank you very much for the advice.


 Peter W. in TX

15 July 2018
Thank you Charles for your very diligent appraisal. I think I will take your recommendation and make inquiry at the Cody Museum.
Best health and happiness to you, if I get any definitive results from Cody I will pass them on to you.
Thank you again.....
Harry F. in CA
May 2018
Thank you Charles,
This info is kind of what I expected but good to know. Now if I decide to sell it, I'll know better how to price it.
Dwight R in MI

21 March 2018


I received the gun and it was all I was hoping for. I appreciate your help and I appreciate the gun.

Thank you,


Wade in UT

15January 2018
Thanks for your prompt reply to my initial query, and for your offer to field any further questions Charles.
David T. in CANADA
 5 Jan 2018
I just wanted to say thanks, I received the greener percussion shotgun and it was as described and shipped in its case delivered unharmed in a timely manor.
Stacey S. in Indiana
> Good evening... charles
Rifle (1890) received and shoots wonderfully and smoothly. Thank you for your good work!
May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Joe L in TN
 4 September 2017
I would like to be included in e mail notifications. I found your site today and placed an order. I have many Marlin, Remington and Winchester antique firearms and yours is the most complete source for parts that I have seen. Am looking forward to completing my 1895 WINCHESTER carbine with your parts. Jon
3 September 2017
Thanks; looking forward to taking it to the range!  Best Wishes,
jim N.  in VA
1 September 2017

Charles, thank you for your guidance.  Managed to sell my Winchester at a local gun show.  Barely got in the door before I received an acceptable offer.

 Marion in SC

19 May 2017
Thank you sir for your quick response.  And thank you so much for both versions.  They both will be very beneficial.

Thank you again & God bless,

Terry C. in SC

20 April 2017
Very kind of you, Charles.  Your books are great.  I haven't tackled
disassembly of my '06 Win pump .22 yet, but when I do, your manual/book will
be right beside me!

Erik S. in FL
15 April 2017
Mailed check today 4-15-17 for 1073.00 .I appreciate the way you do business look forward to making more purchase

in the future. Also included FFL of dealer were guns will be shipped.

Thank You,

John W. in GA
20 March 2017
Thanks Mr. Charles,
 I received the 88 Winchester today, I love it, thanks.
 Joe B.  in LA

15 March 2017
Thanks again.  I appreciate your responding and your follow up too!
Best regards,
Rick in CA

3 March 2017
Hello Charles Van Ripper,
     The winchester box came this morning, packaged like it had a $10,000 gun in it ! That's not until tomorrow. The spacers were a little tight, which is the way I like it. Twenty minutes with the Dremel tool fixed that. Thanks for the great packaging and the nice box. 
       Hope to deal with you again,
Best regards,
Jerry L. in UT
28February 2017
Hello Charles,  I am fortunate to own a Winchester 67 . It is a very early model with finger grooves on forestock. ( made in 1934-1935). There is a cut out milled into receiver with a steel pin inserted. On the bolt, the larger pin (firing pin guide pin- I believe it is called) protrudes on one side on the bolt slightly as you can see in picture attached. Upon closing bolt,  this pin engages the receiver pin and appears to assist in a more positive bolt lockup. Is this normal and as it should be? Some pictures I have seen online show the firing pin guide pin flush on both sides of bolt which would not result in as tight a lockup. Hope this makes sense. This rifle is in very good condition. I purchased the Winchester single-sided bolt rifle disassembly book from you and is very helpful. Also, some of these rifles I have seen do not have the cut out milled into receiver. Was the design changed at some time on the model 67 bolt lockup? Please advise and thank you very much.
Byron H
Ferrum, VA
29 Feb 17
Thank you so much for looking into this for me and your explanation makes perfect sense . Love those vintage Winchesters.
Very best regards,

18 February 2017
Thank You for the quick response! Everything (re: disassembly) O.K.
Don K.  in CA
12 February 2017
Thanks, Sandra.  I got a little confused, as I always do with online payments.  I did get the appraisal.  You have a great service going. 
Mike R. in CA

February, 8, 2017

Thanks for the Ebook it is very helpful. I have come into a 1913 sn 1895 action. The bolt face will accept 405 win. I am looking for a Magazine that would complete this. Any help or a contact that may be able to help would be highly appreciated.

Todd S. in PA
5 February 2017
Thank you for your great response. Great instructions and now I'm concerned I have the skill level to complete my model 1906.  Either way, the instructions are absolutely terrific, thank you.
Clint H. in  US
On Feb 4, 2017, at 10:04 AM, Sandra VAN RIPER wrote:
Hi Mike:
I noticed that you paid twice for this appraisal.  I have refunded one of the payments.  Let me know that you have received your value tables OK.
Thanks, Sandra.  I got a little confused, as I always do with online payments.  I did get the appraisal.  You have a great service going. 
Sincerely, Mike R. in ID
17 January 2017
Got the Saddle ring 38-55 today, very nice, thanks Dave
Dave M in NV

January 2, 2017

Yep, sure did.  Thank you for the follow up. Always a pleasure to deal with honest folks.
Stephen O. in CA
30 November 2016
Thank you,
You have great service
Rick P. in NH

22 November 2016
Thanks Charles
Just saw the appraisal
I have a deal to buy for 4000 dollars. I will recommend your company in the future to others.
Niek H. in Netherlands (NL)
16 November 2016

Thank you, this info was a big help. I now know I have an early 1914 Model 1897 “standard gun”. It’s in great shape but a guy talked me into getting it “blued” 5 years ago which I realize will knock down the value.

 David R. in NC

2Nov 2016
Received the Winchester 1876 Deluxe today. Beautiful rifle! Many thanks! Best, Jim.
Jim M. in CO
12 September 2016
Dear Charles,
Thank you.  It showed up about 2 hours after I wrote the email.  I guess I was just concerned because I did not remeber entering my email address.
Great Service from you and your team.
Warm Regards,
Steve D. in WA
Hello Charles,
Thank you again for your speedy and excellent work.  It is sincerely appreciated. 
best wishes
26 May 2016
Good job and thank you.  I sincerely appreciate your fast response!
best wishes
John P in BC
21 May 2016
thanks for being so prompt!
Rick M. in SD
2 May 2016
Thanks for the great service. So nice for a change to deal with good people.
Have a good rest of the wknd. and a good holiday next weekend. Mine will be spent shooting a small bore tournament in GA. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Memorial Day.
Good friends and gun powder what a combination!!
Richard B. in LA


I got the gun this evening. It came in the USPS. Excellent - Thank you.
Brenda T. in NC

28January 2016
to charles
Thank you Charles for the quick shipping. Gun is in great shape as stated. I look forward to doing business in the future with you.

Sent from my iPhone
Reed G. in OK

On Wed, 1/13/16,
 I got it (1886 Winchester) yesterday, I love it. Thank you for working with me on it. 
Joe S. in FL

January 2016
Thank you very much Charles.
I appreciate your help and assistance. Your site was easy to follow the 
instructions and plus I learned a lot about these nice rifles!
Blessings of joy and light!
Hilda in OH

May 2015
Charles ...... I ordered 50 rounds of the 1903  .22 automatic from you then i ordered another 50 rounds i have received both packages for a total of 100 rounds i received the other 50 rounds last week i took them to Gilbert AZ and my 3 Grandkids shot the rifle with me what a kick. I could have saved a little on shipping if i ordered both at the same time regardless i have both orders in my possession.  Thank You. On another note a good friend of mine purchased the book on the Model 62 & 62A from you . Also he purchased the Winchester refinishing oil . Your information on Refinishing the Stocks and forearms is invaluable i am almost half way thru my first complete refinishing project on a 1911 Winchester 22 rifle . I am 4 weeks into the project and it is looking great. I let the oil cure for 4 days . Quote if 2 days is good 3 to 4 days is better Iam in no hurry. I have 3 more projects to do some are just a touch up others are a complete rebuild i mean the stock is split almost in half like someone used it like a bat . We own it now and i want to use the original stock it came with it is a 1911 Winchester also . I look forward to doing business with you in the future. you're the best store out there for vintage winchester parts and info. And it looks like you stock a variety of other gun manufacturers parts.
Thanks Again
Jeff B. in AZ
o charles
Thank you so much for everything will use you site again.

Sent from my iPad
Matt T., in CO
April 28, 2015

Thank you and your family. I look forward to paying off and receiving this
Winchester 1873. It will be a nice addition to my Winchester Collection.
Again, thanks for the great customer service you all provide.

Frank N. in TN
25 April 2015
I just wanted to say thank you. I wish you could see the excitement In my face. Next is to document with Cody Firearms to get the papers.. Sir thanks again the best to you and your family. I hope to make a trip just to come and see you very kind folks. Thank you and God Bless.
Tim A. in WY

Your description matches mine perfectly. Thank you very much for your time and website. We now know much more about this family heirloom.

Best Regards

Thanks Charles. Good work!

On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 3:48 PM,
John (and Bill),  in AL
25 March 2015
Hello Charles,

I got the Colt Lightning.  Once again you have sold me an excellent old gun.

Thanks again for letting me spread out the payment.

NEIL G.  in SC
 3 March 2015
Finally received the pistol looks great--- I completed the order for the ammo I left the quantity as one hope that's right, thanks again for all your help I will be looking forward to a Winchester next
Mark H. in CA
13 Feb 2015
Received yesterday in good order. Thank you for the great service and firearm!
Robert B. in VA
10 February 2015


10:35 AM (6 hours ago)
to charles
Nice Gun......Thanks again for great transaction..
Charles C. in CA
7 February 2015
Thanks for the appraisal, I almost let it go for about 1/3 of that. I may do another Winchester rifle with you I already got one of the 10$ appraisals with you but I think I want the one with the cert.
  Thanks, Craig H. in MA
25 January 2015
I received the Winchester 1897 shotgun today. It is great, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to lay this gun away. I appreciate the great customer service.
Thanks again,
Gregory R. in SC
3 January 2015
Received the parts ordered. Thanks for the quick shipping. Exactly what I needed.
Louis W. in CO

Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2014 10:50 AM
To: Sandra van riper
Subject: Re: Your E-Book

 Yes I got it and thank you for the great follow up on your part. It's ( 1894 disassembly book) a great tool.

Frank D. in MN

2 December 2014
Got it (appraisal), Charles.   Thank you so much.  

Sherry T. in TX
30 November 2014 

Thank you. All is well. This is the very page that was not coming up. It was sending me back through the earlier pages of the 1906. I inherited the 1906 rifle from my Great Grandfather, who bought it new. Lots of history with it. This is the info I was looking for. Thanks again, and for your prompt reply.

Pat G. in FL


9 Nov 2014
Homestead Firearms,
A few weeks ago I became a proud owner of our family heirloom, an old Winchester Model 94 that has been in my family since it was born in the early 20's.  Problem was that it looked like it hadn't been disassembled and cleaned since then too!  Not having a clue about how... I turned to the internet.  U-TB vids were not cutting it so a quick Google search brought me to Homestead Firearms.  Purchased the 1894 Winchester Disassembly and  Gunsmithing Manual and a few day's later received the hard-copy in the mail.  What a gem!  In my opinion, a must have for all "94" owners, especially new ones like me!.  Followed the step by step process (7 steps in all) and disassembly was complete.  Reassembly was the reverse order.
A few hint's to pass along:  1. DO NOT GET IN A HURRY!  My first disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly took me almost 4 hours.  Now that I know how to do it (I think!), I could probably cut that time in half but you get the point...have nothing else on your schedule for the rest of the afternoon!  2. Before you begin, read all 7 disassembly steps.  Gives you an idea of "the big picture".  3. When you start on step one, read the entire step process from start to finish.  Do this for each of the 7 steps.  Gives you a good idea on what you're trying to accomplish. 4. Before reassembly, read all the reassembly hints in the back of the manual.  Wish I would have done this!  Would have done away with a few choice #@%$* (uh, frustrating times!).
A Great Manual.  Glad to have in in my library.  When the time comes, it will be handed down to my son along with our Winchester Model 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine.
Thanks for the excellent product!
Eric S.
Black Diamond, WA
2 November 2014
Thanks for the information. Y'all were really helpful
Justin S. in GA
24 October 2014
Dealer has the gun.  It’s a beauty.  Looking forward to trying it out.  Appreciate your promptness and doing what you said you’d do.
Donnie H. in CA
20 Ocotber 2014
Hi Charles,
I just got home from work and found the rifle laying on the kitchen table! Thanks for following up. It was a long time comin but it got here and I'm happy with it.
Thanks again, A. in Canada
 September 2014
HI  SANDRA      I  HAD   NO PROBLEMS AT  ALL     THANK   YOU    FOR   YOUR  COMPANYS    SERVICE                                                        
RICK Y.  in CA
15 August 2014
Yes, I was easily able to easily access the (appraisal) file and save it.
Also, I want to let you know that I'm impressed and pleased that you would
follow up on my order!

Thank you,
Ellen A in CA
 01 July 2014

Yes,I was able to open the (appraisal) file,thank you info was very heful.


Charles W. in AL
29May 2014

 Yes. I did it came through about 10 minutes after I purchased it. Thank you
that is a very cool (appraisal) service.

Sent from my iPhone
Tom P. in MI
Thanks very much Charles.  There is a lot of family history behind this piece.  I really appreciate your help.
Stan J. in WA
19 May 2014
>received the gun, it is beautiful, my son loves it.
Robin N. in NY
It was our pleasure. Thanks for the time you spent with us. And thanks for the beautiful rifle. I love it. Also, I am still interested in the Winchester .32 Special in your shop. Can you tell me how much you want for it?
Again, thanks.
Roy H in AZ
6 May 2014
Thank you Charles.
The rifle is excellent. Very nice shape as you said it would be. Thank you also for the manual, it is very well done. Its such a classic (1892) and I've been wanting one since I was a boy.
Take care,
Mike W.  in WA
21 April 2014

Received the 1876 and it exceeded my expectations.
Thank you,

Frank N. in TN
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 4:14 PM
To: Sandra vanRiper
Subject: Re: HOMESTEAD SERVICE PayPal or Credit Card Order: 1393788195

Yes, I was able to download it (Appraisal). Thank you!  Just recently purchased a
Winchester Model 54 30-30 and was trying to determine if I got a fair deal.

Susan W. in NC

Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 1:23 PM
To: Sandra vanRiper
Subject: RE: HOMESTEAD SERVICE PayPal or Credit Card Order: 1393011527

 Got it! Nice (appraisal) service to offer!

David D. in CA

Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 1:45 PM
To: Sandra vanRiper
Subject: Re: HOMESTEAD SERVICE PayPal or Credit Card Order: 1392923175

Worked fine (appraisal) now I have an idea what my dad's old rifle is worth

Dave W. in OH


Subject: RE: Thank you for your order!
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 15:09:05 -0900

Hey homestead people: John P. here. I just bought a Savage 1914 from you and I don't know if its even arrived at my gun dealers's place. Looking forward to it. FYI I ordered the one Marbles peep sight w/screws for one rifle and I ordered the screws for another one. I have the sight, just not the screws. I just don't want you to think I over ordered. I need the extra set. Also, there's no hurry. I'm going to work so send it the cheapest way you can to Alaska. No hurries no worried. I won't be home for almost two months. Thanks and to be honest with you I cruise the gun sights looking for deals and yours is one of the best if not the best. Get more inventory in the old guns!! If you can. Okay, that's enough. Take care and I'll be here if you need to call. Capt. John  in AK
18 February 2014
Thank you for the information and for all your help with this purchase.  I look forward to enjoying this rifle and to purchasing more in the future.
Nick N. in LA


31 January 2014


Thanks, Charles

I always thought the gun was valuable and I now have an insurance value.  Thanks for your excellent appraisal service. Your through research and follow-up history investigation of the shotgun is appreciated. Feel free to use my reply in your testimonial section.
Thanks again,

Don S in NM

23 December 2013
Dear Charles, I bought your 1890 Winchester # 1296 ( you shipped to my daughter April Caley) it's a nice piece and shoots well. Thank You and Merry Christmas,
John H.  in CA
20 Dec 13
Just wanted to say thank you, i received the guns look forward to the next transaction.
Don M.  in MS
10 December 2013
Thank you I enjoy working on and shooting these old rifles. I cast the bullets and reload with Swiss BP it is amazing how accurate they are. I shoot Winchesters 73's,92's,94's and a Savage Mod 99f 30-30 cal take down made in 1929. With a Marbles's tang sight it will shoot a ragged  hole at 50 yd's with a 120grgc bullet and 14 grs of 2400. The speed at the muzzle is1600. I have repaired several old 94's because of your part's department. Thanks for helping me to bring these fine old guns back to life.
Graham K. in TX
2 December 2013
Thanks for the follow up. everything opened fine at least on my iphone.
Hope to use your service again.
Frank S.  in BC Canada
17 November 2013

Thank you very much for your very detailed and profesional appraisal.  Last night when I read the apprasal I was shocked at the value.  What's more shocking is my dad had the gun for what I am sure is many years and never said a word about it. He was a retired police officer. Not an antique gun collector.  When and where he got it from I will never know I guess. I will go so far as to say he did not know the value either.  I will contact the Cody Museum. Thanks again.

Mark in NY
14 November 2013
Thank you, I am very happy with it (Henry Rifle) and appreciate your help in acquiring it. 

Have a great day. 

Bob H.  in AZ
Senior Account Executive 
3 November 2013
Thanks, it worked out just fine (the self appraisal).  I figured out my Trapper Carbine was built
by Winchester in 1907 and it's got the 18" Octagon barrel with a 3/4
magazine.  Just another nice piece of history.

Thanks again!

Bob T. in CA

Sent from my iPad
Thank you for your great service.  I am very happy that you had what I was looking for and am very pleased with the product.    The movie that I mentioned to Sandy was "The Big Year" , 

Have a great day 

Bob H in AZ
 I didn't have any problem (with your appraisal site).  Actually I tried another source and got some
information but, not as complete info as I got from you. 
Neil K in MN
30 October 2013
Hello Charles

Just want to thank you for the appraisal, this gun made me interested in old Winchester rifles, 

/. Kindly regards Michael Fundin Tranas. Sweden
Stuart is pleased with his 1873 sporting rifle.  Thanks for your help.  He now wants to purchase the cleaning rods for the gun.  The list price is $96.00.  How much would the total be for this item?  
Thanks,  Jennifer VH in NC
18August 2013

Dear Jacqueline, There are few people or places left in this world that still operate on a handshake.   You and your Company are one of the few left standing. A true tribute to the way we used to be  beyond the sidewalk.Until Next Time, Many Thanks, and All the Best,

David G. in Australia

7 August 2013
Hello the wont be getting this one back...delighted with it   Thank you
Doug S. in AZ
6 August 2013
Thanks!  I got the ammo a couple of days ago, and forgot to let you know.
Very happy.
Jeff  B.  in TX 
Thanks for the info Charles , I was more interested in the year of the rifle, My (late) Father had purchased the rifle in Arizona in 60-61 and My Mother never knew he even had it. It was in my Uncles gun case up in Drayton ND since then and My other Uncle from Texas picked it up and brought it to NJ so I could have my dads Winchester , He's a hunter and we did a good inspection and cleaning and he gave it his excellent rating (anil hunter) Im veary happy I have it and now I just want to keep it clean and get a chance to see how well it works. its a cool 1950 std model 64 and its stone stock. I Love It ! I was never interested in the value. 
sincerly Arlowayne P in NJ
20 June 2013
Hi Charles,

The little colt arrived safe and sound today. Thank you so much! It is a great pistol and will be a wonderful addition to my collection. As usual, your inventory is awesome! Thanks again and I will let you and Sandy know when we are out your way so we can get together. Take care!

Wayne T. in CA
31 May 2013
Charles, thank you for your prompt response, most useful, regards,
David A., Queensland, Australia.
 15 May 2013
Thank you,,,, I have added your business to my favorites list for future business. Again, thank you.
 Jim G.  in  KY
13 May 2013

RE: Winchester 1906

Click to teach Gmail this conversation is not important."> 
Gary M
10:25 AM (7 hours ago)
I found the barrel was blued under the rear site. That's whats left. I also see that you sell guns. Do you sell to California? Looking for a Win 70 and see right now you have a few but I am between unemployment and receiving Social Security. Once things settle down, I will check back to see if you still have them.
Oh! and your 1894 and 1906 manuals I bought were great.

Gary M  in CA
 9 April 2013
Charles, Thank you very much for clarifying this.
Thank you,
Matt C. in NB
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 13:33:26 -0700
Subject: Testimonial

I received the parts I ordered from you today.  They are installed and working perfectly. I am compelled to write about my great experience with your company. I couldn’t find the part I needed for my Winchester from any of the major (big) parts suppliers, when listed they were quite pricey but unavailable. I stumbled upon your company doing an internet search. You not only had the part I was looking for but it was at an extremely reasonable price. I called about ordering it, being shipped to Maine where I am staying with my father but my billing address being in Utah where my primary residence is. I got to speak with a wonderful female human being (don’t want to be sexist, just accurate) who was the most kind, pleasant, and personable customer service person I had ever spoken with. In less than 3 days from ordering the parts I have them installed, having paid a standard shipping charge. Bottom line, ordering, processing, packing, and shipping (at a great price) from Arizona to Maine in less than 70 hours!!! This is my first stop in shopping for parts from now on! Thank you Homestead Parts!!!
Scott G
 2 April 2013
I am very pleased with the Winchester. It operated perfectly. Also, got 2 compliments about it and that was surprising due to all the weapons people had that day.

Thank You
Joe S. in AZ
22 March 2013
JIM W. in TX

On Mar 15, 2013, at 10:51 AM,RobertE. in NH wrote: 

Got it.  Thanks for your help-great site. 

 9 March 2013

Hi Sandra.

It (the download) seems to have worked well enough. I have saved a copy of the document as an HTML file, maybe HTM, and have looked at it a few times already. Already found that a Winchester advertised as pre-64 was actually made in 1980 (!) and that my Carbine was made in 1931 just as Pop said it was.

Thanks for checking up.

Brian G. in VA


 28 February 2013
dear Charles.
My order arrived tonite (28 Feb @6;30 pm EST)
Thank you very much: Your company has been a life saver.  I an still in need of a (Safety pin and the 2 small retainment accessorys that hold the pin into the gun)...any ideas or help would be appreciated.  Again thank you very much. 
             Dick M. in MI
 27 February 2012
Jim M. in OR
22 February 2013

Yes i was.  Thank you for checking up.  Its nice to see such wonderful customer service.  I will not hesitate to use your services in the future.

Jason D. in OH

 On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, Erich W. in OK wrote:

Yes I was able to access and download the manual.  Thank you for your follow up and your site is wonderful.


11 Feb 2013
Good Morning,

Thank you very much Charles. Now that I know I can, I'm going to put a few rounds through it for the first time in 40 years just to let the old boy roar back to life.

No Worries, Scott K. in CA
30 january 2013

I recently purchased your Take-Down Manual for a pre-64 Model 70 Winchester by Charles van Riper III. It was very helpful because...

 My mom bought this Model 70 270 new in 1952 for my dad as a present. I was three or four years old. The S.N. is 219727. I don’t know if my dad ever took it apart or had a gunsmith do it, but he used it until he was killed deer hunting (jeep wreck) in 1963 when I was 14. I have used the gun ever since and have never disassembled it.

I’m in the process of pillar bedding the stock, and wanted to disassemble it to prevent any epoxy getting on the parts. I followed the instructions by the letter but could not get the ejector back in. I was very careful when I took it apart and realized after studying the Take-Down Manual that the the ejector spring was in backwards! Once I turned it around the ejector went in fine.

Do you suppose this was a factory error? Interesting and I thought  your gunsmith-type folks might like to know this. Thanks for the good work to Charles!

The gun did shoot fine all these years; I’ve enclosed a picture of my 13th elk taken this last November here in Western Colorado.

Nick and Judy G. in CO

10 January 2013
Mr. Van Riper,

Thank you very much for the information. My father received rifle from his father in the early 1950's and always wanted to know when it was made.  He will be very happy to finally have an answer.

Best regards and thank you again,
Ron S. in CA
Sent from my iPhone
8 January 2013
I guess I should let you know I will keep the rifle, since I already have the butt stock off and have started cleaning the metal and bore.  Having to much fun with it.  It is in very good shape like you said except for the surface rusting in a few areas. Hopefully I can keep most of the bluing/patina, I have the 0000 steel wool as well as some bronze wool so I just need to take it easy.

Thanks again
Tim B in TX
3 January 2013
Thanks.  I believe  I have a blued 3rd model Standard version with several "extra cost options".  I love this gun.  It's by far the coolest gun I have, and believe me, I have some cool guns.  It's perfect too.

Thanks Charles.
Ray G. in MO
25 December 2012
Thank you.  I purchased the rem 12 c on a whim from a private owner.  From
what you have already told me I did OK.  It will reside in my gun safe as a
90 year old treasure.  I don't want to sell.  But again, thanks, and a
belated Merry Christmas.
Maurice M., in GA
December 5th, 2012

Thanks for the great service! I appreciate the E-book as I have a 1892 Winchester disassembled

for cleaning etc. You have the only detailed instructions for this piece that I could find on line.

The only area that is unclear to me is the position of the spring under the left side cartridge

guide. I have 2 new springs coming w/ the order I placed last night but as the original spring

came out in pieces I am not 100% sure about installing the new one.

The exploded drawings that I have seen show a relative position and I am assuming that the

square end of the spring rests under the articulated cartridge hand.  ??? 

Looking forward to your opinion and thanks for a great new resource for my shop.


Carter in CA

28 November 2012
Thank you folks for the shipment of the ammo. I appreciate the courtesy and the quick shipment as well as the communication in letting me know the status of my order.

Future customer,

Jim P. in KS
28 October 2012

Thank you. The Winchesters you offer for sale are always very
accurately described and fairly priced. My expectations are always surpassed when I receive
the rifle.
I look forward to buying additional Winchesters from you as I add to my collection.
Again, thank you .

Frank in TN
24 October 2012
Got it, thank you very much, it was a great help in trying to figure out what I had. 
Kathy L.  in NJ
7 October 2012

Charles - finaly got the 94 winchester after 10 day holding period - i am very pleased with it -
hope to do buisness with you again in the future -

thanks rg  in  CA


5 September 2012
Model 61 arived yesterday in perfect condition.
Thank you,
Francis  N.  in PA
23 August 2012
Good Morning Charles,

Thank you very much. I know i'll love it. I'm glad I found you guys I will definitely purchase from you again. I like the fact that you are an Arizona company. Again thank you for everything.

Ryan  in AZ 
July 17, 2012

Hello Sandra,
The on-line appraisal was a big help, and easy to use.  You have a nice
website.  I'm looking at an NRA good to very good condition 1913 production
"Mod 90-.22 WCF" rifle, serial number 493129, deluxe model.  However, a
little additional web searching makes me believe that it is more correctly a
Model 1890 with a later "mail order replacement" Mod 90 barrel with the "P
in oval" proof.  Not sure what to offer for this nice but "non-original"
gun, so I'm still researching.
Thanks again,
Jim H.  in VA
Yes the download was literally a matter of seconds. Many thanks for double
You guys are great! It's likely you'll be come my first stop for just about
everything related to my bunch of sold rifles!
Thanks again.
David U.  in CA
June 21, 2012
Yes I successfully downloaded the 1890 - 1906 Winchester Disassembly - Takedown EBook.
Thanks for having it available! Enjoying having some detail to help with my Dad's old rifle that I just acquired.
Bill D. in CO
June 17, 2012
Thanks for contacting me .i am having trouble i tried 2 different credit cards and cannot figure it out.the first time it would not take card.then i tried another and it took it i think but it wont open the link.if i give you the specs and numbers can you give me a basic not real computer sure its me and i apoligize in advance.i have got a winchester 1892 218bee 24 INCH BARREL.WITH CROSS CHECKED FOREARM AND mint condition.i went to winchester site and believe it was made in 1924 according to serial.also attached is a vintage scope.the gun is near perfect .95 percent.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH IS HARD TO GET THESE DAYS.I WILL USE YOUR SITE ALOT AND WILL REFER FRIENDS TO IT.AGAIN THANK YOU.
CARL P.  in TN
May, 24, 2012
Hi Charles,

Finally got by to visit my new Winchester for the first time today. What a great little rifle! I am very satisfied with it. You were right, the wood is excellent. Probably better than any of my Winchesters. As far as the metal condition....well it is it's character. It is the story of the rifle's life and I wouldn't have it any other way! After all, it is 85 years old!! Thanks so much. It will make a great addition to my collection. As always, you have taken care of me and I truly appreciate it. I will visit your website often and continue to expand my collection.

Thanks Again Charles

Wayne  T. in CA
22  May 2012
Hey Sandra...
YES !!   I was able to access the file with no problems.  
Thank you for following up and making sure it worked properly, Thats very professional and appreciated !  
The report gave me the information I was looking for at a reasonable price and I will definitly use your companies services in the future.  Truth be told after this email I am considering using your organization for more than appraisals and will be ordering some parts and whatever else in the future.  
I again thank you and hope that you have a FANTASTIC day today !! 
9 May 2012


Picked up the Winchester 63 and it was everything you said it was.

Was also very impressed with the sock and hard case.

I am also looking for a colt Diamondback .22.  Please keep me in mind if you get another in stock

Thanks again

 Ken S in IL 


March 28, 2012
Thanks Sandra,

You make this so easy!  Thank you ... it has been a pleasure working with
you for the last few years.  I will await your call (or email if easier).

Best regards,

Michael H.  in AZ
18 March 2012
Thanks so much for checking; Was able to download the file just fine.
Very much appreciated - Already have a potential buyer lined up for my third
model Model 90, just because I was able to provide value info from a
reliable source so quickly, thanks!

Morgan K. in NM 


March 2, 2012
You hit that right on the head,yes there is a circled P on barrel right in front of receiver,don't know what it means,assume it was an armory mark but you are the pro,just getting all my things organized,something my dad did not do.hope to make it easier for my heirs to either sell or pass on my things in  case of a sudden illness or death .Respectfully Craig C.
28 Februsry 2012
hey sandra thank u i was able to get it now and it was a big help i learned alot about my model 94 pre 64 thanx again
Shawn N.  in PA
February 11, 2012
Got my order today and put the screws in. And the 22. Runs like a dream.   Thank you very much.
Mike K
8 February 2012

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for checking. It worked great and I have it. Looks like my 73 Winchester was made in!

Thanks for a great service.

Jimmy M

North Caolina


January 27, 2012
To: Sandra vanRiper
Subject: Re: Homestead Appraisal or Download Order:

Hello Sandra!  It's me again, Kim Wood in St Pete.  I got the download just
fine and after looking at it I remember now how I took the 61 apart 3 mos
ago before sending it to the bluer.

Thanks again.  I love working with these venerable guns.  Thanks for being
there to help.

Kim in FL
3 January 2012
Charles your e manual was great.  The 1890 mfg in 1911 22 short   I just purchesed someone removed all of the blueing. Your manual helped me take it apart so I could re blue it. It was my first atempt and I was very pleased with results. The stock is still original. It's a takedown 3rd model. I am hoping it still has some value. Thank for your manual.
Baylen in NY
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20 December 2011
Thank you for all your help and for making this so easy.   
Merry Christmas,  
Chad in TX
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 7:49 PM
To: Sandra vanRiper
Subject: Re: Homestead Appraisal or Download Order:
I got it ok. Thanks for a great service. Will be looking for some parts
Capt. B. Kern in TX
15 December  2011
Subject: Re: Homestead Appraisal or Download Order:
Thank you. It worked fine.  I'd use your service again. Very comprehensive.
Steve G. in MN
12 December 2011
Thank you for the quick reply. It now works on the iPad.
This is one reason I enjoy purchasing from your company!

D A. Bess in TN
29 November 2011
Thanks Sandra.  I got it just fine.  You guys are the best.  It is amazing
how many of these guns I am seeing, between all versions through the model
62.  They had to have been a boys dream come true to a lot of folks.  Me, I
was stuck with an old, everyday single shot.
Thanks, again,
Kim in FL
September 25, 2011
Hi Sandra,
Thanks for you interest. I had no problem downloading the file you
sent.Thanks again for the great service. I'll be using your appraisal
service again soon.
Best regards,
J. OBrien in VT
20 August 2011
Yes I got the (disassembly manual) download and it was very helpful, thank you for a fine service.

William N.
Bill's Gun Shop , TN
July 29, 2011
It worked perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything better! Worth every penny! Thank you! Now I'm just having to find something for an old colt .22 cal rifle, can't seem to find a real informative page about them.

Jamie G. in Wisconsin
10 July 2011
Thanks for your help. The apraisal is what I was looking for.

Forrest D. C.  in SD

June 3, 2011
Hello Charles,

Received the gun and I love it !!  Thank you so much.

I will start saving up for my next purchase.  Maybe by the end of the summer.


2 June 2011

thanks for the prompt service

Bill M in MS


May 21, 2011

Yes, I was able to open the file. Thank you very much. Unfortunately I was getting the information for an insurance claim after my house was broken into and one of the things stolen was my grandfather's gun. I appreciate being able to get the appraisal information from your site.

M Morris in OR


7 May 2011

Sandra -

Thanks for checking back on my order. Yes, did receive file and downloaded it OK. You have a good site and service.

- Dave B. in VA


April 26, 2011

The download worked fine, and I enjoyed your site. It's quite informative.

Fred G. in MA
23 March 2011


Just wanted to thank you for the clear instructions.

Was able to disassemble and reassemble (the 62 Winchester) with no problems.

Clear and concise.

Best Regards,

Bruce K in., FL



 I just wanted to thank you for your prompt, and fast shiping of parts                                                                                                    
 thanks  don
1 March 2011

Thanks.....I was able to get the info on my excellent condition Model 62A Winchester rifle. I was also pleased to use the serial # and found out that it was produced during 1948 !

 Thanks Again,

Mark in Camden  Maine


February 27, 2011
After a false start or 2 I was able to access my file and get the information I was looking for.  Seems an old 30-30 I bought for $30 in 1970 when I was living (student) in Guadalajara, Mexico, is worth $400-600!  And it's 98 Years old. How about that!  Nice website, too! 
Harry   in KY 
26 Feb 2011

Comments: Nice site, I am pleased with my on-line appraisal, and hope to soon find a replacement for a broken part.

ccv: Harry S. in TN


February 25, 2011
I picked up the rifle (pre 64 Model 70 Winchester) today and it was beyond my expectations. I will fire it tommorrow. Also, I noticed that any gun purchase this month entilted the buyer to a gun stock. I would like t redem this with a 1894 carbine stock. let me know. I loo forward to doing business with you in th future.
Ed W  in WA  
There was gun sock, I mistook stock for stock on your web page - sorry. Thanks again for your accurate ad of this firearm it looks nearly new. Pleasure doing business with you. I'll refer friends to your web site.

19 Feb 2011

worked well (self apprisal) ,,,thank you,,,for the follow-up as well,,,very professional

Ronald K in SD


Feb 14, 2011

dear sandy, 

thanks for the follow-up. i received the appraisal and consider it money well spent. very happy. 

thanks, pete  F. in TX


February 11, 2011

Thanks for checking.  I have a couple more guns that I want to check and will be using your (apprisal) service.  Again thanks its good doing bus with your co. 

 lr in Texas

5 Feb 2011
Thankyou very much sir, that answers my question.
Bob G. in AZ

February 1, 2011
Thank you, that helps so much, wow, it's over 100 years old.
Don  G. in TX


Thanks for the reply and advice. Much appreciated.

Michael M.  in NJ


25 January 2011
Got it. The cool thing is I paid 165 for a gun worth several thousand.
Harry S. in FL
January 22, 2011


 Thanks for your personal assistance. The link worked and gave me good documentation to help sell my 1873 Sporting rifle. I'm a car guy and not a gun guy.


 Mike in MinneSnowda


18 January 2011
Hi Charles,
Thanks for working with me on getting this rifle. Its my first one. Always wanted one and probably wont be getting another so I figured I better make it a good one. I am sure that I'll enjoy it.
Thank you,
Jamie F. in CA

15 Jan 2011

Yes I was able to open it. Very pleased with the process, Thanks.

Jim P. in GA


January 8, 2011

Subject: Re: Homestead Firearms Appraisal or EBook: 1294504728

Thanks, Sandra. I was able to download the file and was pleasantly surprised to find that the estimated value of my rifle was nearly triple what I thought it was worth (not that I would ever consider selling my grampa's gun)!

Mark H. in SC



January 6, 2011
Subject: Re: Homestead Firearms Appraisal or EBook: 1294319405


  I had no problem accessing the site.  Thank you for your follow up.  I've had this Winchester 97 since 1971 and this particular one was manufactured in 1912 and along with the fact it's a 16 ga it is slightly more valuable than a 12 ga.  I never really knew what the value was and when it was built.  Very helpful, thanks again.

 Shawn P. in PA


3 January 2011

Thank you very much, also! I'll certainly be keeping you in mind in the future. Regards,

Gene E. in Ohio

20 December 2010
Hey thanks for the extra help with appraisal info for me Winchester 1895 Carbine with saddle ring.

Wish I knew the story on the gun but at least I know what it's worth now.

Ed S. in WA

December 19, 2010
hello, the web site was a great help glad I found it. A friend told me I should find out what my rifle was worth and stop using it all the time because it was rare. I thought it was just a model 94 and a good rifle I have used it as my only hunting rifle since I bought it at 13 in 1969. He looked at the 5 didgit serial number and told me I was nuts to be using it as a everyday rifle. maybe he was right. It is a 26 round barrel take down with serial number 46592,that makes it a first model sport rifle from 1896 so maybe I should think about another choice for every day use but me and that old gun have a lot of back country pack trips and hunting stories togather it will be hard not totake it along next time Again thanks for your site and have a great holiday season 
Ben C. in WA
23 Nov 2010
Got the gun today. It looks great

Bob in WV


October 12, 2010
thanks charles I GOT IT well done ---still dont know the difference between solid rib and milled rib,big variance in price --- charles you've been great thanks for your patience
Ron R. - in NY
20 September 2010                                                             

Thank you, for going the extra mile and caring about your customers. I have a better idea the year of the gun although, I didn't see anything mentioned about an octagon nickel barrel. The serial number is 128960 which would put it in the late 1800's. The  gun is in original condition a 9 out of 10 and I think it would be worth about $4500.00. Straight stock with no ring and a crescent butt piece.

Thank you, again for your concern.

George in PA


                                                                                                                                                                             2 2 Septmeber 2010
That was it today..thanks for the check to balance shipping.
Steve in FL
August 26, 2010


Nice rifle,It's a keeper!

Thanks, Evan J. in NV

24 August 2010

Thank You so much.  I feel totaly taken care of...

  Ron in CA

August 19, 2010

Yup, I was able to open the (Ebook) file right away. Please thank the author for taking the time to create that book -- it's a pretty obscure topic. I'll buy more of them, to be sure. I will make sure my copy doesn't get pirated, too.


Bill M., in Minneapolis,MN

7 August 2010
I have had many compliments on my model 62A and 63 and still watch you sight for a nice Rem model 12c with a peep, keep me in mind.
Tom G - in NY
July 28, 2010


Received the pistol today and I'm very happy with the purchase. As you pointed out, it's a fine pistol in pristine condition.

Thanks again. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Eliot Y. -  in MD

24 July 2010
Thanks for the fine service. 
Terry in AZ
8 July 2010

JIM H. in Ohio

June 20, 2010

Received the rifle and fired it yesterday, it functions very good for its age and I’m very satisfied with it.

 My Dad was tickled to get it. His Grandfather had one that my Dad shot over 65 years ago when he was young and he always wanted one, so this was special for him.



Wayne - in TX

May 2010
April 21, 2010

Thanks for the rapid turn around (on the appraisal).  This is good news, but I can't take credit for the gun.  I just acquired it in January and simply cleaned it thoroughly.  It will be a nice rifle to kepp and hand down to family.

Dave in CA
11April 2010
Thank You Charles
                            I'll keep that information in mind for the future.
Frank M in Oklahoma
Thanks so much!  I just went to a regional gun show here in Denver, Colorado today and your appraisal is right on the mark.  There were several of similar vintage and condition in the $400 range retail.
John S in CO
March 16, 2010
Thanx, the process worked very well for me.
Here's what I found. 1894 in .32WS, serial number indicates most 
likely 1947 (1428XXX). In excellent condition, all bluing in great 
shape and looks hardly fired at all. (My dad was a gunsmith and this 
was one of several rifles and shotguns in the shop safe when he passed 

I had thought about giving it to a best friend, but hell no, not at 
that value.... ha


dave in NC
March 6, 2010 
I finally received the Colt Pistol last night.  It was great and I am very pleased.  Thank you for your help.
Francis T. - in Idaho
27 Feb 2010
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your website and thought you might want to see my rifle. 
Best regards,

 Joe F


17 Feb 2010
Thank You, Charles.  This is exactly what I needed and thanks for being so prompt.

February 5, 2010
Hi Charles, I just wanted to Thank You for getting the elevator for my 1873 out so quick. It came yesterday. I have been looking for that part for 6 years. The Rifle looks funny with new black against the natural patina of the rifle.
Thanks again for your Great Service,
Mark W. in GA
26 January 2010
Mr. VR, received the model 63 today and its everything you described.  Thank you again for another great gun.
Tom G.  in NY
January 20, 2010
Hello Charles ive been out of town just got to see the 03 i bought from you its just what you said iam verry happy ill send you a picture when its done

 Randy W. in Indiana
3 January 2010
Mr. VR, ......I will say the model 62a that I purchased from you was exactly as you stated very nice.  My son absolutely loved it. Thank you
Tom G. in NY
January, 2, 2010

Thank you so much Charles for all the work (on the appraisal). The history is the value we share!

David S. in FL

16 December 2009
Thank you so much, you have made the process absolutely painless.  I do have
my eye on the model 63.  Let you know after the first of the year.
Thanks again for the good shipping.
Tom G. in NY
Nov 5th, 2009
             Thank you very much.much,  out of State,picked up today .GREAT. will buy again in the near future.
John K - in FL
1 November 2009
I bought your book on disassembly of the 1894 Winchester.
A very good well written manual.
One suggestion, closeup pictures of the spring cover screw and the link pin screw. I bought the manual to figure out a problem with an old, very nice, excellent condition 25-35 octagon barrel that I inherited,S/N 442718.
This gun would not load a round, the carrier would not come up all the way. These two screws were reversed, so the link pin was always loose and the the spring cover would not close all the way blocking the carrier. I have seen alot of these guns with scratches around the spring cover screw, makes me think this is a common reassembly mistake.
Ocotber 15, 2009
Today I received the Winchester.  Thanks so much for the fine rifle! 
Duane R-W - in TX
16 September 2009
The sale is complete for the Swedish Mauser. I want say thanks to you and Homestead firearms for another successful sale. I am now 2 for 2 with your site. The buyer contacted me, and we completed the transaction in about 10 days. Looking forward to the my next post with your help.
David..   in AZ
August 28,2009
I am new to this computer and the internet and am absolutly disgusted at the difficulty in finding one of these rifles on the internet. So I called and spoke with one of your reps. and she was extremely pleasant to deal with. She recomended I e mail you and place my request. I wish I had taken her name she desirves a raise. Any way preferably in the condition of the last one on your site that was sold, I do like the squirrel stock but that would just be a bonus. I do have a local dealer here in spokane wa. it can be sent to if you are able to round one up
Bob D.  - in WA.
26 August 2009
     Picked up the Winchester Model 70 30-06 rifle today and I am very pleased.  It is a very fine rifle, everything that I hoped it would be.  I  wish to thank you for the fine product and your excellent customer service. 
Don M. - in CA
PS. I may be interested in the Winchester model 70 .375 Ackley improved at a latter date.  I will contact you when the gods of money shine upon me. 
August 25, 2009
Hi folks,

Received today in good order. Thank you. Great products all. Proper sizes,
TPI and finish.

I have bookmarked your Home Page and hope to do business with you again.

Best regards,

Billo C. - in CA
15 August 2009
Thank You!

Without people like you using the internet to get information and the
availability of parts to the general public, a lot of these old wonderful
guns would still be collecting rust behind closet doors.

The old 1906 Winchester Gallery gun that was found behind such a door at
the old family homestead is now in working order and will be enjoyed by a
modern generation of kids (and older kids).

Thanks again,

Kim D. W.- in FL
July 26, 2009

 I love it and I enjoyed doing business with you.

 I read your layaway plan but it doesn’t state or I keep missing the down payment part.

 You got one of the best sites.

 Again, thank you,

 Jackie - in KY


 16 May 2009


I picked the pistol up today.  Wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with
it.  Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thank you,

J.  in WY
May 12, 2009
Hi Charles;  Thanks for your time in answereing my questions.  You said the same thing as my Son did, so he must have been right.  Thanks again and I'll definately put your website on my faviorites list, and I will be back.  Thanks again and Best Regards,
Zeb B. in OK
29 April 2009
Charles -

Got it disassembled, cleaned, buffed down to white metal, reblued, and
reassembled.   Your book was great help......
John -  in TX
3 April 2009
I got the rifle yesterday.  I really like it!
Dwayne - in TX
21 March 2009
Good news, I sold the Remington today (after less than a week on the site). The gentleman said if I would deliver it to Chandler he would take it for full price. It was a nice day for a drive, so it now has a new owner. He seemed pleased, so I guess you can list it as SOLD. Thanks for all your help. 
Dave,  in AZ
19 March 2009
Thank you.  The appraisal is very interesting and informative.  I appreciate your efforts.
Best regards,
Dave - in GA
March 13, 2009
Everything was exactly like you said it would be on the gun.  I am very pleased with the transaction.
Roger B. in MO
We found one that worked.  Thannk you so much for your help. You have gained a new customer for life.  Thank you -
Jennifer S.  - in MI
February 10, 2009
The self-appraisal worked fine this time - I have several more weapons I will be running through your value system
mike c in TX
7 February 2009
I received the scope today, It looks great!  The marker on the scrapes is easly removed.  Kollmorgen  made submarine parascopes in WW2 and their rifle scopes have very clear optics. Now to the range. Thank You!
Steve H. in NC
January 15, 2009
Thank you for everything you did to help us replace the rifle that meant so much to my son.  We had searched to find a replacement that would be in as great a shape as the one that was stolen and your pictures on your site not only significantly helped us to decide but also the kindness and personal care you took in making sure we were satisfied our purchase.  May God Bless you and your family and may your business be blessed also. 
Rachel B. - in Iowa- -
9 January 2009
Thanks, looking forward to other appraisals. 
 Harvey H. - in CA-

3 January 2009
I was pleased with the appraisal on my pre-64 270, but I can not find any place on your site to get an appraisal on the above mentioned shotgun. Please let me know if your company has this info or where I could get one. Thank you and I look forward to your response. Patrick J.
December 25, 2008
Dear Charles van Riper III,
Thank you for your excellent Win. Mod. 1890 Gunsmithing guide book and the rapid delivery.
To me, I found it so well done; layout, photos and text, I took it to work to show off to our in-house resident firearm (self proclaimed) experts. All were impressed. I too especially liked the Winchester chronology frontispiece. I just had to author this letter to thank you.
I have an 1890 WRF. My father taught me to shoot with it many years ago. He claimed it had been given to him as a boy from a neighbor who was, or had been, an NRA shooting champ. My research indicates that it's a Second Model, Framed and mfg'd. in 1905.     
Also, thanks for personally signing/writing . . .hope you find the manual useful 
To answer -very much so. Thanks again and hope you have a great holiday!
Chris R - in CA
PS-I'll certainly return to your site -and maybe some experts will too. . . 
December 15, 2008
good morning charles,thank you for your due diligence with the 1886.i wish you could have seen his face . he had no idea of the value . he told me the condition would have been better but his dad kept it in the pump house. i did have to ask(in humor) if he stilled cared it sell it to me for his earlier price(1600.00),he said no thanks.thank you for allowing me to do this for a friend.
Merry Christmas,john in MA
22 November 2008
The rifle has been delivered and is just as you described it. Thank you for your patience with all my e-mails to you. I will buy the rifle for the stated amount. I will let others know that you are a legitimate dealer and very understanding of a nervous women. Thank you again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!  Vickie - in WI
November 10, 2008
Thank you. It certainly is a pleasure doing business with you.
David - in FL
29 October 2008
Will check with my FFL- thank you.  Will be doing more business with you folks.
Earl, in TX
12 March 08
Thank you very much. Everything came through fine.

Thomas S.,  PA
March 4, 2008

I am so impressed!   Right here in 2008, when customer service is often difficult to find, you guys make it look easy.

On Saturday, 3/1/08, I placed two online orders with your company.  Both orders were for parts for a Winchester 1906, a pump action .22 rifle.  I had to place two orders because I left some parts I needed out of the first order.  Paid for both orders with a credit card.   Later on the same day, I got e-mails from you stating that the orders had shipped.

This morning while working, I stopped by the house for lunch, and discovered to my amazement, that the parts had been delivered !!   You had shipped both orders in the same package, which was the smart thing to do.   And got them to me here in Alabama on Monday, 3/3/08.  

Needless to say, I will recommend you highly to anyone.   I look forward to doing business with you in the future.   You have my permission to use any part or all of this note in any advertising you may choose to do.

Thanks again,

John , in AL
26 February 2008

Yes, the USPS eventually found it. In addition to me
providing the wrong address, they decided to lose it!

All's well that ends well, thanks for all your help

Ben - CO
February 22, 2008
Hi Charles,

UPS just delivered the Kropatschek. It looks great and I'm very satisfied
with it. Good doing business with you.


Daryl - WA
21 February 2008
The 1906 Winchester arrived safely.
Thank you,
John - IL
February 5, 2008

Thank you VERY MUCH for your assistance!!!  You have truly gone above and
beyond what you had to do and I appreciate it!!!  Please include some
business cards with the check.  I will pass them out to anyone that is
looking for your services!

Thanks again!
Lee - IL
January 21, 2008
Dear Charles,

Thank you for promptly  shipping the gun. It arrived in good condition.

It was a pleasure working with you again! I look forward to another gun in the future.


Jim  (Kansas)
4 January 2008
Thank you for another fine firearm ref# 0190
    Paul (Michigan)

December 2, 2007

Thanks Charles for your quick reply. Appreciate the information. I will tell others about your website.

30 November 2007

Thank you for this shipping conformation.
I have received the gun in perfect condition, and I am very happy with it.
Thank you again.
William (Idaho)


November 29, 2007


Gun looks great. Great job and I will be speaking to you about another gun in the future. God bless and Merry Christmas

Tommy (Denver).

October 22, 2007

THE gun came in the mail today and I'm very happy with it.
Paul (in Minnesota)

October 20,2007

Received the Marlin butt plate Perfect fit THANKS! Brian

October 2, 2007

Got the gun today.

Thank you.  It is a very interesting piece.

After doing some research it appears to be the type of musket that was later converted to the famous ZULU shotguns of the period.

Worth the money in parts.  Thanks again and just a note to say that I am pleased with my purchase.

Joe - Maryland

28May 2007

I got the rifle is perfect as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again.
Bob J. - Alaska

May 24, 2007

I recieved the guns in yesterday, I am totally satisfied with both guns. It is nice to deal with someone that is honest and upfront about thier products. Thank you for the fast shipment and I will be sure to check with you in the future. Thanks for your help, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Thanks Sam ,

Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2007 7:09 PM
Subject: Re: Status of shipped item INVOICE #

Thanks for your reply. It arrived today and is just what I expected.

Thanks much, 
Don, in TEXAS

March 21, 2007

Charles, I finally made it home and picked up the Mod.70 from Bill's.  It is very nice.  Many thanks for holding and shipping this for me.

Best Regards
Jay,  MS

26 February 2007

Thanks!!  I received the rifle and butt stock today.  Both arrived in good condition.  I've very happy with the purchase - I hope to do business with you again in the future.

Steve J,  -Pennsylvania


January 31, 2007



January 10, 2007

He loved it!  Made his day.  He's been showing it off to all his pals.
Thanks again for the easy service.


January, 8,2007

Thank you, sir.  Very good doing business with you.  Maybe you will hear from me soon.
Greg (Indiana)

22 December 2006
I really appreciate your help.  I'll spread the word of your great work.
Jeff, in Georgia
20 December 2006
To Mr. Charles van Riper III:
 I received the inner magazine tube in perfect shape, today. Thank You!
Merry X-mas.
                                                           Robert E.
Starkweather, MA
5 December 2006
hey there charles,   everything worked out great.  thanks,  very happy,   that old refinish on the 243 came right off.   it really looks good. put a leupold 3x9 on it,  had a pair of pre 64 swivels and put an old leather sling on it.  i know it is not original but man,  it sure looks good to me.  thanks again,  you need some way to leave feedback.    what can you tell me about the 06,  i think 0214,  bob30 November 2006

Thank you so much, I'm really impressed by the way you do business, I'm sure I will be purchasing from you again and will recommend you to my friends.



November 20, 2006
I took the Remington to the range today and I must say I am not disappointed. As for my part I think I got the better of the deal. I shot the 180 gr. Nosler Power Points with 54 gr. of powder. A accurate and pleasant round to shoot.
November 17, 2006
Recieved the order in the mail and very happy with the gun

November 8, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that I received the marlin rifle and it is more then I expected it to be. The rifle is beautiful.

Thanks jp  

October 28,2006

Hey Charles,

Well its been well over two months that I recieved the nagant and I can't believe i completely forgot to write you an email. I had thought i did but after never hearing anything back i decided to check to my outbox and I must never have sent one. So sorry, I dont want you to think I didn't appreciate the great deal you gave me. I got the rifle safe and sound, and I was amazed at it. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for the incredible deal, i feel like i almost robbed you of a prize. Well I really just wanted to say thanks. Take care.



6 October 2006

Everything arrived in good shape, Thank you very much and thank you for checking.


September 7, 2006

       got it today---its alright shoots good too! thanks ---bill (Indiana)

September1, 2006
I received the 1873 today.  It is beautiful.  Thanks.  Keep your eye out for other beautiful Winnies and of course, the Yellowboy.
August 2006
Excellent looking and shooting pre-64 Model 70 rifle. thanks!!

July 2006
Hi !,
     I purchased a Winchester 1890 from you not long ago and want you to know I love it! But my apatite for collecting Winchester 22's is growing. I am now looking for a Winchester 1873 in a 22 cal. I don't see any listed on your web sight but thought it wouldn't hurt to let you know I am looking in case you know of any for sale. Thank you again!
May 2006
Transfer of Model 70 has been completed.  Nice item.  Very pleased.

Dear Homestead:
 I broke my forearm for my 1906 22 pump about 50 years ago and found you by internet.The part came like in 2 days.  I was having a problem getting the magazine off to slide my new handle in place.
 I email you back and you helped me very much with your email.  I got the magazine off yesterday and the new forearm fit like a glove.  Just to say Thank-you for your part and the service you gave me.
   Most companies are out for the dollar $$ and to heck with the service. Customer #1142479241.7018.
  Thank-you for your time and SERVICE. good job.
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2006 6:48 AM
Subject: Re: Gun appraisal
Good morning:
We received your appraisal last night and forwarded the information to my father-in-law.
My wife's family was quite happy to find out a bit more about their history. 
Apparently when my wife's grandfather left Denmark in the late 1890's to see the world - and jumped on a ship bound for Argentina - he kept a journal and wrote in it almost every day of his trip and the subsequent years on the farm in Argentina.  Although it is in Danish and those in her family who can still read Danish are having a hard time with his writing, there is mention of him buying this gun.
The date of manufacture of the gun would correspond with the journal he kept.
Pretty neat stuff to learn....
Sent: January 24, 2006
Received the 16 gauge and am pleased.  It cleaned up nicely and is what I have been looking for and in the condition you described.
Bismarck, N. Dak

 Sent: January 22, 2006 12:12 PM

Subject: Re: Model 70 Winchester Rifle
Wanted to let you know that the gun made it here fine.  It is just what I was looking for, thank you.  Take it easy.


Sent: Saturday; December 31, 2005
Subject: Re: Consigned 1873 Rifle  
Thank you for your fine services.  Wayne seemed quite pleased and I will be happy knowing the gun will be at home with other fine Winchesters where people can see it instead of my closet.
Bill B.
New Jersey
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 12:12 PM
Subject:Re: Rifles


Picked up the rifles from my dealer today. They are both awesome!! Thanks so much! This was the first time I have purchased old rifles over the internet. I was a bit nervous but these guns are every bit what you explained. I really appreciate it and will visit your website often to see what is new. Thanks again!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005 7:11 AM


Subject: RE: winchester 1906 #0063 -




MARK , Washington



-----Original Message-----
From: Dave  Sent:
Thursday, June 23, 20051:53 PM
To: Dave
Subject: Re: possibly selling a 62

Thank you, its good dealing with good folks 

 Dave, Georgia


Subject: Re: Winchester M-62
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 10:28 PM

Gun arrived and as good as you had described.  This will make a wonderful addition to my Winchester Collection!

Thank you very much



On Dec 3, 2005, at 7:14 PM,

Received the gun - am happy with everything.

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: Notification of Order: 1131802145

> Much Thanks.  Looking forward to doing business again.
> Steve




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